The Wild Side of Suzuki

Suzuki GSX-S1000F

Born on the racetrack, The GSX-S1000F was inspired by the renowned, championship-winning GSX-R1000. The new GSX-S series brings the essence of the Suzuki GSX-R to the street, with shared technology and components bundled into a chassis developed for street riding pleasure.

The GSX-S1000F is powered by a 999-cc inline four-cylinder powerplant engine, which makes for an ideal street-riding power and torque curve. Focused on making big power through the low and mid-range, this engine also uses cams optimized to deliver streetdominating power.

The bike’s chassis, not only its engine, is what makes it unique.
Although it has the appearance of a sports bike, you would expect it to be soft and a little lardy. But the bike defies expectations by being exceptionally light, agile, and well-balanced, living up to Suzuki’s boasts.

The new aluminum beam frame chassis is intended to provide road riders with a lively, dynamic riding experience. For rapid steering, it has a 25-degree steering head angle. The chassis has a swingarm that is solidly braced and contains design cues from superbikes, and it is lighter than the existing GSX-R1000 frame. The same footpeg and handlebar locations as the naked GSX-S1000 are used in the riding posture, which is intended to be both sporty and comfortable.

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