The Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Image and imagination

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip or speeding down the interstate, the Electra Glide Ultra Classic is a suitable choice. The touring motorbike Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic is made for riders who need comfort and basic amenities over extended distances.

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic is powered by the MilwaukeeEight® 107 engine, providing soul-satisfying rumble and smooth performance. This V-Twin engine has a 10.0:1 compression ratio, which gives it passing power for cross-country travel.
A comfortable ride is guaranteed by the Ultra Classic’s responsive suspension. High-performance suspension is used both up front and back, and you can simply hand-adjust the rear shocks to customize the ride to your preferred level of comfort.

ReflexTM Linked Brembo® Brakes set the ultra-classic apart, and standard ABS delivers accurate braking control. These brakes adjust to the circumstances of the road, hence increasing safety and confidence whether you’re driving on twisting mountain roads or city streets.

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic is designed for two-up riding, featuring a comfy two-up seat and a deep bucket for riderback support. The spacious passenger area contains backrests and armrests to provide comfort during extended travel.

Your music sounds loud and well-balanced thanks to the BOOM!TM Box 4.3 Infotainment System in the ultra-classic Electra Glide. Along with communication and entertainment functions, it has a USB connector and Bluetooth capabilities.

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