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The Millennium Millionaire is an English - Arabic language luxury lifestyle magazine featuring products, including automobiles, aviation, real estate, jewellery, luxury resorts and watches. Founded in 2000 and owned by Millenium Millionaire group Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is distributed in 20 different countries, with branch offices in Munich, Germany and California USA. In addition to being available in luxurious suites and clubrooms of major hotels and reputable airlines, it is now accessible in VIP, First, and Business class lounges of Dubai International Airport

Our Readership Profile includes: Members of the Royal Families, Ministers, Government Executives, Members of Yacht Clubs, Members of Chamber of Commerce, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Banking & Global Finance Sectors, Insurance Companies, Hotels & Tourisms.


MMM focuses on luxurious hotels & tourisms, properties, airlines, banks, jewellery, fashions, watches, yachts, sports cars, mobile phones, electronics, etc. 

The Millennium Millionaire Magazine epitomizes luxury living, offering insights into elite lifestyles worldwide. Focusing on opulent hotels, properties, airlines, and more, MMM showcases the pinnacle of sophistication. Its content celebrates impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance across various domains. MMM serves as a beacon of refinement, guiding its readers toward the epitome of indulgence. With each issue, it grants exclusive access to the world’s most coveted brands and experiences.

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