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Suresh Kumar

In the picturesque town of Palakkad, Kerala, India, Suresh began his adventure as an IT instructor at MES College. He advanced up the corporate ladder and finally started Skybertech. The business represents his dedication to quality work and his goal of disseminating priceless knowledge acquired during his tenure as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

One of the major innovations that Suresh Kumar presented was the idea of the “Virtual CIO”. Without the requirement for a full-time in-house CIO, companies may take advantage of his CIO skills and the aggregate knowledge of his IT consultants thanks to this innovative strategy.

Skybertech’s portfolio was expanded to include virtual staffing services under the leadership of Suresh Kumar. This strategic offering includes managing back-office operations, allowing clients to focus on key company activities. The service is differentiated by its customization, which employs trained staff and cutting-edge technologies to improve operating efficiency.

Beyond virtual staffing services and a virtual CIO, Suresh Kumar leaves a lasting legacy.

He is credited with helping Skybertech develop a culture of strategic innovation. Under his direction, the business consistently investigates new technologies to guarantee that customers get state-of-the-art solutions catered to their changing requirements.

Skybertech’s constant dedication to a client-centric strategy is a defining characteristic of Suresh leadership. The firm prioritizes understanding each client’s unique difficulties and creating personalized solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. This customized touch has cemented Skybertech’s reputation as a reliable partner in the ever-changing field of IT services.

Skybertech’s broad reach demonstrates its proficiency in delivering IT consulting. Since virtual staffing first emerged, the company has specifically considered opportunities in GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Oman. This expansion shows how committed Skybertech is to providing excellent IT services all across the world.

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