Woman with a golden touch

Nikolina Angelkova

Her dedication to bringing about positive changes in society and her love of public service have been her life’s inspirations since a young age. Nikolina Angelkova is a successful lady with a lengthy journey of success. Nikolina is a multifaceted leader who has left a lasting impact on Bulgaria’s tourism sector and continues to contribute to the country’s growth and development.

Given her interest in the legal frameworks that items, obtaining a law degree seemed like a logical decision. The time she spent at Harvard Business School had a profound impact on her professional career. She gained priceless skills
and insights from the demanding academic setting and exposure to many viewpoints, which have had a significant impact on her career path.

Moreover, her involvement in the YGL Harvard Executive Education Program on ‘Global Leadership and Public Policy in the 21st Century’ expanded her knowledge of international matters and improved her capacity to handle challenging situations at the crossroads of public policy and leadership. Nikolina Angelkova said that her time at Harvard Business School had a significant influence on the course of her career, giving her the skills and perspective she
needs to succeed in the cutthroat and constantly changing world of business today.

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